Fig. 25.30 (A) Lobular hyperplasia showing numerous groups of acinar
cells having a uniform appearance (Papanicolaou x LP). (B) High-power
view showing lobular hyperplasia. A benign feature is the presence of
spindle shaped myoepithelial cells at the peripheral portion of the clusters
(Papanicolaou x HP).
Fig. 25.31 Aspirate of a galactocele consisting of amorphous,
metachromatically staining material along with crystalline structures
representing precipitation of protein and milk products (Diff-Quik x LP).
Fig. 25.32 (A) Aspirate from a granular cell tumor of the breast
showing scattered oval-shaped cells having a relatively low nuclear to
cytoplasmic ratios with surrounding granular cytoplasm (Diff-Quik x HP),
(B) Corresponding histologic section demonstrating characteristic granular
cells (H&E x HP),
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