Some of the material in the third edition is derived from chapters
in the second edition. The editors acknowledge the contributions
of the following authors to the previous edition.
George L Wied
Karen H van Hoeven
Dorothy Rosenthal
Torsten Lowhagen
Hi Young Hong
Lisa M Bibb
Specific acknowledgment is made for permission to use the
following figures:
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Ch 5, Fig 14: Courtesy of Dr Yener Erozan, Baltimore, MD, USA
Ch 5, Figs 18 & 19: Courtesy of Dr Corrado Minimo,
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Ch 7, Fig 11: Courtesy of Dr Belur Bhagavan, Baltimore, MD,
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Attending, Clinical Hospital of the University of Sao
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Ch 27, Fig 9: Courtesy of Dr Ritu Nayar, Northwestern University,
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Ch 27, Fig 15A: Courtesy of Gary Rust, MD, Humble, TX, USA
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Ch 28, Fig 100: Courtesy of Dr Syed Z Ali of Johns Hopkins
Hospital, Baltimore, MD, USA
Ch 31, Fig 10 (right): Courtesy of Dr J Reagan, Case Western
Reserve Cytopathology Laboratory, Cleveland, OH,
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