Microbiology, inflammation, and Viral infections
Fig. 7.1 Heavy, acute inflammatory exudate.
(A) Vaginopancervical smear (Papanicolaou x LP). (B) Note the reduced background inflammation in LBGS
(Papanicolaou x LP)
Fig. 7.2 Atrophic smear with inflammatory background
and some ‘atypical" cells (arrows). (A) Vaginopancervical smear. (B) Same patient after topical
estrogen application. Note the cellular maturation and obvious ‘atypical" cells (arrow). LBGS (Papanicolaou x MP).
Fig. 7.3 Hematoidin crystals,
also known as cockleburs, are seen associated with macrophage response. (A) Vaginopancervical smear (Papanicolaou x MP).
(B) Hematoidin crystals LBGS. Note the clean background and lack of obvious macrophages (Papanicolaou x MP).
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